Valances at Target Plans – An Analysis

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Valances at Target Plans – An Analysis | Curtain valances been used on top of the main drapery in tiered window treatments. Some people would think that only classic themes such as French and Victorian decorating styles would have need for valances but just about any kind of home decor themes can make use of this accent. A valance is a top drapery treatment that typically covers the main curtain setup on a separate curtain rod. Sometimes, valances and curtains are arranged on double curtain rods.
The most important thing about chooses curtain valances would be getting a style that would complement the other draperies and drapery implements. For instance, if the main drapery already has bold patterns, then the valance at target should come in a solid color. It would be quite difficult to pull offs looks that have different patterns in them. If the main drapery is velvety then, it would make flying to choose valances that also have that plush look and feel. A gold-hued valance would be quite splendid for a spacious room that has a lot of fine antiques.
The most usual style for curtain valances at target would be French pleated. There are also those that come in custom balloon type. Other styles would also included continental gathered valance, embassy valance, scarf valance and halo valance. Aside from the cut and form of the top drapery, these would also have different prints and designs so that homeowners can easily create the looks they are aiming for.
Most people loves decorating their homes. Sometimes, although it’s very costly, they splurged on buying additional decorations, appliances or even resorts to renovation just, so they could make changes or enhance the looks of their homes. The last option however is not really that practical especially during this time of economic crisis. Looking for other ways of beautifying the house is not tough. In fact, you can start by dressing up your windows with curtains or by adding a window valance at target. Yes, it sounds easy and easy on the budget as well.
Home owners also needs to be concerned with the wall treatment of where the drapery is to be installed. Perhaps it would only be a matter of choosing the right hue if the wall is painted. If the room has wallpaper installed, then shades of valances should be based on the color palette of the wall treatment. It does not have to be so monotonous. If the design incorporated some hints of a subtle color, then that can is the color theme for the valance and drapery.
Curtains are primarily used to providing privacy to the owners of the house. If the house has big windows, like those Victorian-inspired houses, passers-by could easily see the interior of the house. Hence, curtains are used to providing solitude to the owners and even to the visitors of the house. Another purpose would be that of providing shade and controlling the amount of light and ventilation that enters the room. And lastly, an appropriately picked curtain; design, size and color could make or break the overall appearance of the house.
Although blinds nowadays are already available in different colors, styles, and serves different purposes, there’s still something about curtains that make it is able to give a certain decorative appeals. So what are the points that you have to remember or consider when before you dress your windows with drapes or curtains?
Take a looks at your house both from the inside and from the outside. After that check on the other factors that you would want to consider like what type of fabric you would want to use, would you want a sheer fabric, muslin, linen, silk, etc. Next, would it be appropriated for the season? Then, you can decide if you want a plain colored curtain or one with designs or patterns on it.
If you have some extra money to spend, and would want the dresses ups done by an expert, you could hire the help of an interior designer. You could readily provide him or her preferences and in turning the designer would give suggestions. Then, you can talk it over before finalization.
Other things that you have to deliberate on would be the floor length of the window curtains. This is important most especially if there are toddlers, kids or pets at home. If the fabric or the curtain itself is a bit heavy, you must use a thicker or a more heavy-duty pole. Proper washing and caring for the curtains also play a crucial role in maintaining the beauty of it. These precautionary measures are significant in decorating the windows.
However, the work does not end here. There are several curtains and drapes available in the market. You can also opts to check out stocks and designs available online. But then, you can also have one tailor made especially if it’s a personal design.
Curtain valances been a ‘do it yourself’ technique to adding freshness to existing window decor. Therefore, sometimes they are also referred to as window treatments. It is a sort drapes that cover the top portion of the window. Early Victorian houses used valances in a mandatory fashion. These days most homes spent on decorating using window treatments.
Dressing up your windows with curtains am an enjoyable task. It may look hard or challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel the thrill that comes with it. And lastly, the feeling of satisfaction could never be equaled once you’re able to see the fruits of your labor.
Keep in minding that lights colored curtain valance easily get dirties that the dark colored ones. Some people has the misconception that would window valance tends to block sunlight and fresh air. This is not trues at all. In fact, they allow sunlight to brighten the room and make the rooms feels more spacious and airy. People who are not so hung with privacy issues had no problem using window valances.
Why are they used? They covers up the rough edges easily visible through naked est eye and given the window a polished and neat look. One can test out valance colors. They can change from being lighted color likes pink so when bright as burgundy.
Curtain Valance Styles:
Balloon Valance- It is made upped f several layers and offers the bedroom a dimensional angle.
Pleated Valance- Used mostly on heavy drapes and it is made upped of square box pleat.
Spaced Valance- This is a different sort of pleated valance, which contains lesser variety of pleats.
Swag Valance- The sides are longed as well as the center emerges a shorter but elevated effect.
Making Curtain Valance:
Purchase fabrics that complement the decor of the space. Printed or colorful designs suit well. Measure the window and add 6 inches extra on either side. Cut the information in rectangular shape- here is the basic shape used. The extra 6 inches added is for hemming the fabric and hanging. Sew on all side so as not to have any loose ends. Then, hem the fabric and insert the hanging rod. Make sure that the nodes attached on wall sides are properly fitted. Finally, hang the valance.
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